About Us

HV Repaints (Havryl Repaints) began painting aircraft in 2014 for Flight Simulator 2004, and throughout all these years of experience, repainting techniques have been perfected to the point of standing out for the quality of the work and the level of detail of each aircraft. Each aircraft is done with the utmost dedication, taking care of what others don’t see and making a difference so that your flight experience is as realistic as possible in terms of delivery, both outside and outside. If you don’t try our repaints yet, we invite you to go to the repaints section to start living the #ExperienciaHVR.

Our promise

  • We will always deliver you the best quality, our repaints will always be as faithful as possible to the real plane so that your flight experience is on another level.
  • If you purchase a repaint and have details that move away from reality, we will look for ways to correct it in the shortest possible time.
  • We will always be looking for ways to improve our repainting techniques, so we always keep our repaints, even the oldest ones, up to date.
  • Our support service will always be attentive to your problems, because our users are the first thing and our priority.

Our policy

  • It is completely forbidden to upload any repaint of HV Repaints to any site or place of the internet without authorization (Virtual Airline Pages, forums, download sites, social networks, etc.). All repaints are protected under the Intellectual Property Law No 17.336 of the Chilean Constitution.
  • The modification, editing or plagiarism of any repaint or part of any, made by HV Repaints without explicit authorization, is also prohibited and all these cases are also covered by the Intellectual Property Law No 17.336 of the Chilean Constitution.
  • We do not make money returns, if you bought a repaint and do not want it for some reason that does not have to do with HV Repaints (quality, errors, etc) we will not refund the money.
  • If you place an order, you will have to pay the base service fee to guarantee our time and work in the event of a cancellation. Once you pay the base rate we will place your order, when it is finished you will have to pay the remaining amount corresponding to the price of the repaints.
  • We do not sell or facilitate our Painkits, as they have modifications to make our repaints a special essence.
  • In the event that you buy us a repaint, you will not be able to resell or post it on other sites, a breach of this point is detected, no new orders will be accepted from you.
  • If any breach of our policy is detected, your order may be canceled without a refund, in case this happens you will be notified of the reasons by e-mail.

Latest update of our policies: May 21, 2021